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Davidson Plum & Finger Lime Popcorn 20g

Australian Made

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December 2023 expiry

Indigenous gourmet food for a snack for you or part of a unique Australian gift for friends, family and business colleagues.

Beautifully packed, unique native ingredients all made by a special Australian business.

Uncle Charlie’s ingredients are premium because they only use naturally grown, environmentally sustainable crops, ethically harvested and sourced through Aboriginal community knowledge and relationships. You can be sure that what you are tasting and experiencing are the authentic flavours of country as Aboriginal people have always known it.

In one handful of Uncle Charlie’s popcorn you’ve got the oldest living cultures of collecting bush tucker, storytelling, sustainability and obligation to care for country. Each mouthful is a unique experience of tasting Australian native foods and botanicals 

The  Davidson Plum & Finger Lime Popcorn 20g has the following features -

  • Made in Australia by a 100% Aboriginal owned business

  • all ingredients are the highest possible quality

  • all ingredients are sourced from Indigenous growers or businesses that have respectful collaborative relationships with Indigenous growers

  • all the food sharing methods and ways of doing business emerge come from Aboriginal knowledges and methods

Plus, the base of the box is a coolamon. Coolamon is a Wiradjuri word meaning dish of bark or wood. Open it out and you’ll see that in this design the coolamon is a Wiradjuri carrying vessel, for you to hold and share your popcorn.

A truly unique and sustainable Australian made food gift.

Davidson Plum & Finger Lime Popcorn 20g Ingredients - 

  • Popcorn
  • Macadamia Oil
  • Davidson Plum Powder
  • Finger Lime Powder
  • Murray River Salt Flakes
  • Native Pepper Leaf

Gluten Free, Vegan, Dairy Free, Non GMO

May Contain Peanut & Sesame

December 2023 expiry