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Speak to us about your event or your specific corporate gifts needs. With a few decades of experience in the corporate world and details hundreds of Australian Made makers we can help you find the perfect gift!


In this collection you will find a mixture of Australian Made products at reduced sales prices to help us make room for new product ranges.

Please note that food in the sales section is non refundable. Expiry dates may be for a period of 4 weeks or more.

Native Kakadu Plum Jam 130g $6.50 AUD $13.00 AUD
Sea Salt Macadamias 125g $8.00 AUD $14.50 AUD
Deep Bowl - Coast $30.00 AUD $39.00 AUD
Keelah Koala from $29.95 AUD
Aussie Nature Handkerchief $15.95 AUD $18.00 AUD
Ground Tasmanian Pepper 20g $6.00 AUD $11.00 AUD
Wombat Plywood Model $24.00 AUD $39.95 AUD
Dog Bandana Denim $6.50 AUD $9.95 AUD
Christmas Gift Label Stickers from $1.95 AUD $2.75 AUD
Sydney Gift Bags from $4.00 AUD $7.95 AUD
Wreath Christmas Greeting Card from $5.50 AUD $6.95 AUD
Kangaroo Christmas Card from $5.50 AUD $6.95 AUD
Apron - Aussie Christmas $35.00 AUD $44.95 AUD
Koala Christmas Card from $5.50 AUD $6.95 AUD
Aboriginal Greeting Card - Valley from $4.00 AUD $6.00 AUD
Greeting Card - Being $4.00 AUD $6.00 AUD
Cockatoo Wooden Decoration $12.00 AUD $17.95 AUD
Bush Candy Christmas Card $4.00 AUD $6.00 AUD