Violet Crumble

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A true blue Aussie favourite that can be hard to find.

One of our favourite chocolate bars here at Bits of Australia and we always put a stack of them in our suitcase when we visit our family and friends in the UK as they are a popular gift.

The Violet Crumble is a honeycomb bar covered in milk chocolate. Don't think it is the same as the crunchie, oh no it's much different! Violet Crumble is more of a traditional crunchy honey comb.

This is a 50g chocolate bar. We will always take lots of care in delivering you order to you but do remember that the catch phrase for the Violet Crumble is "its the way it shatters that matters" so we can't promise it won't arrive with out a few "shatters" in it's packaging.

If you are pulling together iconic Australian food gifts then the Violet Crumble must be included!

Allergens: refer to the packaging for full information. May Be Present Peanuts, Contains Wheat, Contains Milk, May Be Present Tree Nuts, Contains Soy