Yes, it's all Australian Made!

    Australian themed products are referred to as "Australiana".

    Speak to us about your event or your specific corporate gifts needs. With a few decades of experience in the corporate world and details hundreds of Australian Made makers we can help you find the perfect gift!

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    Overseas Delegate Gifts

    Our distinctly Australian items that have also been Made and Handcrafted in Australia make ideal presents for overseas delegates.

    Whether it is Australian gifts for visiting foreign diplomats, UK executives, Japanese business representatives or United States suppliers we are here to help you high quality items.

    Australian and worldwide delivery available.

    Keelah Koala from $25.50 AUD
    Blue Wren Scarf $54.95 AUD
    KJ Kangaroo $25.50 AUD
    Eric Emu $25.50 AUD