Single Banksia Coaster

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Buy 1 or buy 50 individual Australian made coasters.

The unique coasters are made from the Australian Banksia and make a lovely addition to an Australian gift or a touch of Australiana to an event table. 

As Banksia is a particularly porous material, all condensation from your cold drink is absorbed before it can damage your table.

Banksia Gifts Australia is 100% Australian owned and produces 100% Australian Made products. They are suitable to take on overseas travel.

Featuring Australian raw material, the Banksia Grandis seed pod, this product is eco -friendly as it is collected under the strictest conditions by State Forestry licensed pickers. The Seed Pods can only be collected after they have shed all of their seeds and are collected by hand and on foot.  No vehicles or machinery can enter the forest and there are strict limits on quantities being picked in any one area. 

The manufacturing process for the Banksia Gifts is very simple using only hand held chisels and wood lathes. 

Also available to purchase as a 6 pack gift box with information about the product and manufacturing process.