Womens Business Loose Leaf Tea

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The perfect Australian gift for Women!

This carefully selected loose leaf tea blend has been made in Women in mind to help them relax and reduce stress.

The Womens Business tea is Australian made teas from an award winning Aboriginal owned and operated business. It is a green tea blend combined with dried leaves and berries from the molucca berry (Australian native raspberry), dried Wild Rosella Flowers and crushed Aniseed Myrtle leaves.

50g pack of loose leaf tea.

Indigiearth is based in the wine country of Central West NSW, Mudgee where they manufacture their products in house. They are specialists in Australian Native Foods and their products are Aboriginal from start to finish and they manufacture their products in house.

Before European settlers arrived in Australia, there was a thriving food culture that happily sustained Aboriginal people for tens of thousands of years. It's estimated there are up to 5,000 native food species (almost 20 per cent of Australia’s native flora and fauna) that were utilised by the Aboriginal people.

Traditional bush tucker is innovative and unique and are naturally adapted to Australia’s environment. They are ecologically sound, and they are more resistant to Australia’s extreme weather temperatures and rainfall.

Allergens: refer to the packaging for full information.