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Gift Wrap Services

We love making your Australian gifts look extra special so why not save time and let us gift wrap or gift box your Australian gift for you. 

Gift Wrap & Gift Tag

Once you have selected and added to the shopping cart the products you would like to give as a present follow go to the Gift Wrapping & Gift Boxes page and follow the steps. This service includes a gift tag that will fit up a message up to 15 words

Greeting Card with Personal Message

If you would like to include a longer gift message or happy to not have the products wrapped then you can also add a Greeting Card with a Handwritten Message. There are lots of cards to choose from.

Note - We don't include invoices or pricing in any of our deliveries so you can send your gift direct to the recipient.

Fun and affordable Australian souvenirs.

Have fun making the kangaroo and joey jump across the pages with these animated notes that have been made in Australia.

They make a fun and affordable gift to take overseas for family and friends and as exchange student gifts. With the flippin fun notes you can flip from the front page to the back page and watch the kangaroo jump in the bush.

The note pads have been made in Australia.