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Medium Aboriginal Art Metal Dog Sculpture

Australian Made

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This colourful metal dog sculpture is one of a kind and has been hand painted on both sides in the Northern Territory at the Aboriginal Warlukurlangu Artist Centre.

The Aboriginal painted metal sculpture is approximately 25cm high and 40cm long. 

A unique Australian gift for a dog lover it is also an ethical gift.

The metal sculpture has been cut in the local prison and then painted on both sides by Aboriginal artists at the Warlukurlangu Artist Centre. Each sculpture represents a real dog from the Yuendumu region of the Northern Territory supports a community-based social program focused on keeping animals and people in Yuendumu healthy, safe and happy.

Product Details:

  • Approximately 25cm high and 40cm long
  • Painted both sides
  • Made in Australia



Trevor was a little dog with a giant personality and self-importance.  He was famous for biting people, he had the record for biting the most people in town. Despite which, he is still remembered with love and affection.

Dogs in Warlpiri are called  ‘Jarntu’ or ‘maliki’. Families in Yuendumu tend to own many dogs. They are good ‘marlpa’ (company). Many people think of their dogs as ‘warlalja’ (family). Dogs in Yuendumu like to follow their owners around whenever they can.

Some people use their dogs to help them hunt ‘marlu’ (kangaroo) and ‘wardapi’ (goanna), among other animals. People also have dogs to protect themselves from intruders, monsters, and other things that might try to hurt them and their family. Many monsters are invisible to ‘yapa’ (Aboriginal people). However, dogs are able to see and smell them. Dogs will warn ‘yapa’ about them or steer them away from the monsters, and thereby keep them safe.

‘Jarntu’ or ‘maliki’ also feature in a number of ‘Jukurrpa’ (Dreaming) stories. One ‘maliki Jukurrpa’ (dog Dreaming) comes from a site called Pindara, southwest of Yuendumu. Another dog Dreaming story, ‘malikijarra Jukurrpa’ (two dogs Dreaming), comes from country adjacent to Warlarla (Rabbit Flat). This site is part of a long Dreaming track that stretches from Yarrajalpa in the extreme west of Warlpiri country to Warlaku (Ali Curung) in the east. This Dreaming story describes proper conduct in families and marriages.

A wonderful thank you gift for corporate events or a special birthday gift.

As this is a unique one of a kind hand painted item the artwork and textures of the sculpture also have their individual characteristics and the photo imagery will not always pick up on these.

Royalties from this product directly benefit the artist and their community.