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Aboriginal Aussie Animal Stickers

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New to our popular Australian Made sticker sheet range!

A colourful sheet of Australian animal stickers featuring authentic Aboriginal art by artist Antonia Napangardi Michaels.

Antonia is an artist at the Warlukurlangu Aboriginal Art Centre in Yuendumu, Central Australia. It is 290 km northwest of Alice Springs. She receives royalties from the sale of these sticker sheets.

The stickers make a great souvenir from Australia. Kids love them and they are perfect for exchange students or putting in your suitcase when you are visiting nieces, nephews or grandkids overseas.

The Aboriginal Aussie Animal sticker sheet is 110 x 220mm and includes 11 animal stickers and 5 gum leave stickers -

1 x Crocodile

2 x Koala

1 x Wombat

2 x Kangaroo

1 x Snake

1 x Echidna

1 x Emu

1 x Cockatoo

1 x Lizard

1 x Gum Leaf

Proudly Australian Made

Royalties from this product directly benefit the artist and their community