Learn Aussie Slang

Arvo - Afternoon
Grab your swimmers, s’arvo we’re heading to the beach!

Barbie - Barbecue
I’m going to Jack’s barbie, it’s BYO (Bring your Own Wine)

Beaut! - Fantastic!
This idea is a beaut!

Bewdy - Great
I scored us some tickets to the game on Sunday.Bewdy, mate!

Crikey - Wow!
Crikey, that’s dangerous!

Deadset - 100% true
He’s a deadset legend in the bush.

Doovalacky - “a thingy”
Can you pass me the doovalacky next to the table?

Fair dinkum - The real deal, the truth, genuine
I’m a fair dinkum Aussie!

G’day - Hello
G’day, mate!

Good on ya - Well done
Good on ya mate, I knew you’d bring the brekkie!

Hooroo - Goodbye
The crowd was screaming Hooroo to the cricket player leaving the game.

Mad as a cut snake - Very angry, pretty crazy (would you want to meet a snake that has been cut?)
He is as mad as a cut snake today.

Mate - Friend
I'll give you mates rates.

No dramas - That’s okay, no problem
I think I parked my ute (utility vehicle) in your spotNo dramas!

No worries - No problem, Don’t worry about it, You’re welcome
Sorry for eating all the Tim Tams - No worries!

Rat Bag - an affectionate way to refer to a trouble maker or mischievous person
You rat bag you just ate all the lollies!

Ripper - Fantastic!
That’s was a ripper pool party!
You little ripper! = that’s fantastic mate!

She’ll be right - Everything will be okay
No worries mate, she’ll be right.

Strewth - Phew!
Strewth, mate, you got us bloody scared!

True blue - Genuinely Australian
Bits of Australia sells true blue Australian products

Tucker - Food
He cooked some fair dinkum tucker for the Australia Day party.

Woop-Woop - A very isolated place, out of nowhere
He lives out Woop-Woop

Apprentice Surfers Slang


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