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    Bush Tucker & Native Foods

    Bush tucker, or bush food, is food native to Australia. 

    Aboriginal people have lived off the native flora and fauna for many generations.  Before European settlers arrived in Australia, there was a thriving food culture that happily sustained Aboriginal people for tens of thousands of years. It's estimated there are up to 5,000 native food species (almost 20 per cent of Australia’s native flora and fauna) that were utilised by the Aboriginal people.

    The native bushland of Australia boasts an array of exotic spices and herbs. These bush tucker items can be used to add flavour to cooking, or blended to water to make a healthy drink or herbal tea.

    We source a range of bush foods and blends that have been made from authentic Australian native products that are ethically sourced and sustainably harvested.  

    Why not try something new in your cooking!

    Saltbush Dukkah $12.50 AUD
    Kakadu Plum Jam $12.50 AUD
    Wild Rosella Jam $12.50 AUD
    Wild Peach Jam $12.50 AUD
    Lilly Pilly Jam $12.50 AUD