Top 5 Aussie Beaches

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Australia's beaches are known to be some of the best in the world, and have been an important part of our lifestyle and culture for hundreds of years.

There are an estimated 10,685 beaches in Australia according to the University of Sydney, who define a beach as a stretch of sand longer than 20 metres and remaining dry at high tide. 

Ninety Mile Beach on the south-eastern coast of Victoria is Australia's longest beach and the the fourth longest uninterrupted beach in the world, running for 151 kilometres or 94 miles. 

What better time to celebrate some of our favourite and most popular swimming spots than in the middle of the long hot Aussie summer! 

Here are our top 5 must see Aussie beaches:

5. Bondi Beach, Sydney NSW- still one of the most iconic and enjoyed beaches in Australia, this is a beach you need visit at least once. Home to the country's first Surf Lifesaving Club, Bondi Beach is conveniently located less than 10km from Sydney's CBD.

4. WineGlass Bay, Tasmania - part of the Freycinet National Park, this isolated beach sits sheltered and surrounded by striking peaks. Located 2 hours from Launceston or 3 hours from Hobart, and combined with the challenging but rewarding hour-long hike to the lookout, WineGlass Bay is for the more adventurous traveller.

3. 75 Mile Beach, Fraser Island QLD - located on the world's largest sand island, this beach also offers a number of freshwater lakes. The Champagne Pools are one of the most popular of these lakes, providing a unique and safe swimming experience away from the Tiger Sharks known to inhabit the shallows of the beach.

2. Cable Beach, Broome WA - still relatively untouched, this beach is famous for it's unforgettable fiery red-orange sunsets across the Indian ocean. Cable Beach is also known for the long lines of camels carrying tourists at sunset and is walking distance to the town of Broome.

1. Whitehaven Beach, Whitsundays QLD - the pure white sands and brilliant turquoise waters make this one of the best beaches in Australia, and possibly the world. Whitehaven Beach stretches over 7km and also offers numerous coves, lagoons, and inlets to explore.

Tell us, what's on your bucket list of Aussie beaches to see? 

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