Welcoming your new baby

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We have pulled together an adorable collection of Australian made baby gifts and also look at the different ways people around the world welcome newborns into the world.


Baby Shower:

In China the first important milestone in a new baby's life is the Full Moon ceremony which is held when the child is one month old to commemorate and celebrate their first full month of life. Relatives and friends give their blessing and gifts to the baby, while the new parents give red dyed eggs to guests. In Chinese culture eggs are a symbol of the changing process of life. Money, wrapped in red paper or envelopes is also given to the baby by guests.

This event is likened to the Western baby shower. While the Full Moon ceremony is celebrated one month after the baby is born, the baby shower is often held in the months leading up to the birth to help the mother-to-be prepare for the new child.

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Christening/ Baptism:

In Bali a newborn's feet cannot touch the ground until their 210th day of life. The Balinese believe that a new baby is a divine being which descends from heaven and when the baby's feet touch the ground for the first time, it symbolises their official cross over to become fully human. In the Nyabutan Ceremony a priest is invited to the family temple where traditional offerings are made, the baby is blessed with holy water and his or her feet are allowed to touch the earth for the first time. 

Many Western parents do not allow their baby to play on the floor, more for health and hygiene, than spiritual reasons! A Baptism or Christening ceremony is a similar religious (Christian or Catholic) tradition where the baby wears a white gown and is blessed with holy water by a priest as an official initiation into the Church and community. Godparents are usually selected and tasked with giving the child life-long spiritual guidance. It's customary for guests in attendance to also offer gifts.

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Government Support:

For over 75 years new parents in Finland have been given the choice between a new baby starter kit (including clothes, sheets and toys) or a cash grant of around 140 euros. The gift box is worth much more and is often picked over the grant. Originally for low income families, the starter kit is now offered to all new parents to ensure that all Finnish babies get an equal start to life! 

In comparison, Australia's Government provides $2,000 for the first child and $1,000 for subsequent children. The amount is paid in an initial instalment of $500, with the remainder paid fortnightly over three months. While a helpful financial boost for new parents, we don't think this has the same feel-good factor as the Finnish starter kit!

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Can you think of any other ways that people welcome a new baby? Feel free to comment below or send us a private message via Facebook - we'd love to hear more!

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