Take Advantage of the Cheap Aussie Dollar

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The Australian dollar is now weaker against a lot of currencies, particularly the US dollar, UK pound, Yen and Euro.

While this might be considered bad news for some Australians going overseas, it is great news for those travelling to Australia and for people buying Australian products. 

Here are some great ways to benefit from a weak Aussie dollar.

1. Buy Australian

Buying Australian made products from Australian retailers might have previously seemed relatively expensive but that is no longer the case.

If you purchase products from Australian online retailers such as bitsofaustralia.com.au you will reap the savings of the weaker Aussie dollar.

Sure cuddly Koala toys are now much cheaper but now your greenback, euro or pound go a lot further on all of your day to day gifts and treats. 

At Bits of Australia not only will you find fabulous Australiana souvenirs you will also find a vast range of original high quality products including homewares, bags, jewellery, art, scarves, skincare, toys and stationery that have been made by Australian artisans.

There are beautiful gifts for every occasion including gifts for men, women, kids, babies, travellers, businesses and more.

Bits of Australia products

 With a flat international postage rate of $15, the more you purchase the more you can save. Not only will you get more for your US dollar, pound or yen but you may also save on postage costs.

You could really maximise your savings by purchasing all your Christmas gifts now and you will also benefit from not having to brave the last-minute Christmas shopping rush!

2. Save on Corporate Costs

Make the most of the weaker Aussie currency by sourcing your Corporate gift needs from Australia.

Australia has a diverse range of artisans and contemporary designers that develop unique products based on Australian and international influences. 

By purchasing your corporate gifts from online retailers like Bits of Australia you could save with the foreign exchange rates and give your customers and staff a truly unique gift.

Bits of Australia has a convenient gift wrapping service and they are able to help you with bulk orders and tailored gift giving requirements using their large artisan network.

Gift Wrapping service

3. Book an Australian Trip

If a trip to the Land Down Under has been on your bucket list for a while now, there has never been a better time to make the journey.

For Aussies it's also a great opportunity for us to plan an adventure in our own backyard rather than take a long-haul flight. 

Tourism Australia has fantastic tools to help you plan your ultimate Aussie experience. We are thinking it might be the right time to head north to visit the Darwin night markets or do the coastal drive between Melbourne and Sydney.

 australia kangaroos


4. Learn from the Experts

There is such a wealth of information available now with blogs and other online tools that it's easy to find lots of guidance on how to save when travelling. Traveller has been a useful resource for us and magazines such as Australian Traveller provide lots of great ideas, not to mention sites like Trip Advisor for insight into real customer experiences.