How To Create A Nature Inspired Living Room

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Bring the beauty of the Australian outdoors into your home with these nature-inspired home decor ideas and Australian Made items for your living room.

Use Earthy Colours

You can create a natural and organic feel in any room in your home by using whites and earthy colour undertones together with natural materials. Natural tones create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. 


Photo Source: Home Beautiful Magazine featuring Maya Muse Cushions

Add pops of colour and accentuate your nature theme with stylish cushions. These beautiful Ku-ring-gai cushion covers  are handmade by Maya Muse and capture the essence of the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park in Sydney.

Black Ku-ring-gai cushion cover 

Use Natural Materials

Using furniture and decorations made of wood, wicker, rattan and stone create a natural feel in your living room.

 there's no place like home pennant

Retro yet rustic, the 'There's no place like home pennant' wall hanging is crafted from sustainably sourced hardwood ply, strung with twine - ready for hanging in your nature-inspired living-room.

To further enhance the earthy look of your space you can try combining neutral-coloured walls with dark woods.

Use Natural light and Colour Features

If you don't have very big windows in your living room, skylights are a good way to flood the space with natural light. This is an aspect of interior design that can have a major influence on your mood and ability to relax at home. Colorful artwork with a nature theme will brighten up your sitting area whilst giving the space an air of tranquility.

Australia Map print

 Vibrant prints like the Australia Map Print and Budgerigar Print featured here highlight the beauty of Australia's native flora and fauna.

Use consistency in your designs across open plan living areas

 If you have an open plan kitchen and living area you can reinforce your nature-inspired styling and coordinate the look throughout the space by using matching designs in each sub area.

Photo Source: Home Beautiful Magazine featuring Maya Muse Cushions

It is as easy as featuring the same design on an element such as your cushions in your living room and then your tea towels in the kitchen. TheseEucalyptus cushion covers andtea towels from Maya Muse allow you to carry an Australian bushland theme consistently throughout your home. They are printed by hand on 100% natural coloured linen using eco friendly textile inks.

maya muse eucalyptus cushion cover naturaleucalyptus natural tea towel

Create a natural home oasis using indoor plants

Another way to infuse your living room with an organic, nature-inspired feel is to use indoor plants. Growing and having plants indoors helps us to relax and studies suggest that adding a few plants to your home filters out toxins from the air which are given off by carpet, furniture, paint and cosmetics. Using terracotta, stone or cement pots and planters adds another element of earthiness, and they will complement your plants perfectly to create attractive focal points.

Black and Silver Planter

This amazingly bright concrete planter from Zin + Bert will make a statement in any room and marry well with the natural tones of your nature-inspired decor.

A Touch of Nature

Even in extremely contemporary spaces, a touch of nature can bring balance to sleek, shiny surfaces and big, angular corners. Simple objects such as a wooden stool which looks like a tree stump are an ideal way to incorporate the softness and warmth of the outdoors into your modern living area. 


Green moss cushion cover on wooden stool


 The design of the Green Moss Tree cushion cover displayed here is inspired by the breathtaking natural environments of Tasmania where it is handmade by the Spotted Quoll. It is 98% recycled and this piece is not only a luxurious cushion it's also a beautiful piece of artwork. Such a piece will add individuality and character to the comforting, earthy style you have created in your nature-inspired living room.

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