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Lemon Myrtle Flakes 10g

Lemon Myrtle flakes.

Flaked leaves from the Lemon Myrtle plant, Backhousia Citriodora, found in the rainforests of Southeast Queensland, these leaves have a distinctive lemon-lime scent and give a floral citrus flavour to your cooking.

Use them to add flavour to fish and chicken dishes, in ice cream and sorbets, teas, cordials, soups and stocks. Other uses include as a flavouring for breads, biscuits, laksas, curries and confectionery. Traditionally Aboriginal people used it as a cure for toothache.

This 100% Australian bush tucker ingredient can be paired with our other native bush foods to make a unique sampler gift for Christmas or other special occasion.

Sourced from a Queensland-based Indigenous woman led business. This Australian small business works sustainably with Aboriginal communities growing and harvesting bush tucker ingredients and promoting Australian natural foods.