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Aboriginal Art Card - Bush Tucker

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A blank greeting card made in Australia featuring stunning Aboriginal art from the Tiwi Islands.

This Aboriginal art greeting card has been created with permission from the artwork of Susan Wanji Wanji an artist of Munupi Arts and Crafts Association in the Tiwi Islands.

Munupi Arts & Crafts Association is located along Melville Islands north-western coastline at Pirlangimpi (Garden Point). The wholly indigenous owned and governed association provides local artists an opportunity to proudly celebrate Tiwi culture through both traditional and contemporary mediums by drawing inspiration from their natural lush environment and Tiwi creation stories.

  • Artwork titled "Bush Tucker" by Susan Wanji Wanji
  • 105 x 148 mm, gloss finish
  • Blank inside
  • Recycled envelope
  • Australian Made
  • Ethical purchase, supporting First Nations families and communities and fosters greater economic independence for First Nations peoples

Blank greetings cards are perfect to have on hand for all occasions. Our Aboriginal art greeting cards are ideal for writing thank you's, birthday and congratulation wishes.

Royalties from this product directly benefit the artist and their community.