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Paint Your Own Boomerang

Australian Made

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A great gift from Australia for kids.

Paint Your Own Boomerang, an activity for all ages- adults or children. The boomerang comes with some paints and a small paintbrush to create your own colourful design.

The boomerangs have been individually hand crafted in Australia. It comes with information on how to throw the boomerang for it to return and some painting ideas using indigenous symbols and art styles.

They make a unique Australian gift or souvenir while at the same time it is "ethical gift giving" because of the positive impact it has on the Aboriginal people and community.

The Boomerangs are Australian Made by an Aboriginally Owned business. The business is Queensland located in the tribal areas of Gubbi Gubbi, Biri Gubba and Kuku-Yalangi.

It is a third generation family business following in the tradition of their father, Joe Keen Senior who in the early days fashioned boomerangs from the roots of trees for the American serviceman that visited

  • Boomerang 14 inches (approximately 35cm)
  • Packaged with instructions on how to throw
  • Made from timber laminate

By purchasing an Australian Made and Aboriginally Owned product, your support empowers indigenous families via employment.