Celebrate an Aussie Easter

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Easter is just a week away, and is an important religious celebration for many people around Australia and the world.

Whatever your beliefs though, we can all agree that the four-day long-weekend is a great opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends, and tuck into lots of delicious food, drinks and of course chocolate! 

Here's a quick history of Easter's most popular traditions and how you can add an Aussie twist this year...

The Easter Egg Tradition

Eggs have been a symbol of fertility and new life since ancient times. Traditionally real chicken eggs were dyed and decorated to celebrate Spring, but chocolate eggs have since replaced these.

Easter happens during Autumn here in Australia, so make sure you keep your eggs toasty warm with these cute egg cosies:

The Origin of the Easter Bunny:

The Easter Bunny is a popular character, responsible for bringing Easter eggs. Originating among the German Lutherans, the 'Easter Hare' played a similar role to Santa Claus, bringing gifts to good children. German immigrants took this tradition to America, before it spread around the world.

In Australia the native Bilby has become a popular alternate to the Easter bunny -  you can even buy chocolate Bilby's! We think our Blake Bilby soft toy is pretty cute and a much healthier option:

Why Chocolate?

The very first Easter eggs were solid and made from ground roasted Cacao beans in Germany and France. The rest of Europe quickly followed and the eggs were then hollowed out. The modern chocolate making process emerged in the 19th Century, but it wasn't until the 1960's that the hollow chocolate egg became a popular gift for Easter world wide.

Tuck into some of these food inspired Bits to help overcome your choccy cravings this Easter:



What's your favourite Easter tradition? How will you celebrate and add an Australian flavour this year? Share your Aussie easter stories and photos with us on Facebook.