The Waratah - our favourite Aussie red head!

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The Waratah is our favourite Aussie red head - a popular native flower, and the official floral emblem for the state of New South Wales and its rugby union football team. 

The waratah was described by early botanists as the ‘most magnificent plant’ and has become one the most famous and recognisable Australian flowers, featuring on many artworks, illustrations and products like these printed tea towels:


The name ‘waratah’ is Indigenous and means ‘red-flowering tree’, while the botanical name, Telopea Speciosissima is a direct reference to the large, eye-catching crimson flower - the word 'Telopea' is of Greek origin and means 'seen from afar' and Speciosissima means 'most beautiful'. 

There are four species of Waratah, two are only found in New South Wales, one in Tasmania and the fourth is found across New South Wales and Victoria, but you can share this gorgeous flower with family and friends anywhere with this Waratah greeting card, wrapping paper and dainty silver Waratah pendant and necklace

The majority of Waratah flowers are red and pink in colour, but a white variety has become commercially available - called 'Wirrimbirra White'. Waratah plants can grow up to 4 meters in height and individual flowers can measure up to 10cm in diameter. Waratahs flower for six-weeks during Spring, from September to November. You can enjoy all of our beautiful Australian native flowers, like the stunning Waratah - all year round with our 2016 wildflowers calendar and olive oil soap.


The Waratah's abundant sweet nectar and bright colour attracts many native birds. Indigenous people once placed Waratahs in a bowl of water so the nectar would flow into the water to be used as medicine for children. Waratah flower essence is now available and is said to be a powerful remedy that brings strength and courage. 

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