In this collection you will find a mixture of Australian Made products at reduced sales prices to help us make room for new product ranges.

Please note that food in the sales section is non refundable. Expiry dates may be for a period of 4 weeks or more.

Gum Blossom Bouquet Greeting Card from $2.73 AUD $5.41 AUD
Crocodile Magnet $0.91 AUD $3.64 AUD
Redback Spider Magnet $0.91 AUD $3.64 AUD
Spider Web Gift Bags $2.73 AUD $9.05 AUD
Colour Pop Single Bracelet $45.45 AUD $63.59 AUD
Australian Animals Brooch $8.64 AUD $10.91 AUD
Large Melbourne Magnet $1.82 AUD $3.64 AUD
Sydney Gift Bags from $3.18 AUD $5.41 AUD
In The Australian Garden Card from $4.09 AUD $5.45 AUD
Wooden Echidna Earrings $13.64 AUD $24.55 AUD
Wooden Koala Earrings $13.64 AUD $24.55 AUD
Wooden Cockatoo Earrings $13.64 AUD $24.55 AUD
Wooden Kangaroo Earrings $13.64 AUD $24.55 AUD
Wattle Domed Necklace $27.27 AUD $36.36 AUD
The Fancy Salt Box 100g $14.50 AUD $17.00 AUD
The Good Salt Box 100g $14.50 AUD $17.00 AUD
The Campfire Salt Box 100g $14.50 AUD $17.00 AUD
Wooden Echidna Decoration $9.23 AUD $12.27 AUD