Gifts Under $25

We have more than 500 Australian gifts available for $25 and under and they are all Australian made!

Affordable Australian gifts for men, women and children. Whether you are after an affordable Australian souvenir or a Secret Santa gift then you are sure to find something in this under $25 collection.

We also offer an affordable gift wrapping service for each of your Australian gift purchases.

Koala Keyring €7,95 EUR
Platypus Keyring €7,95 EUR
Mini Koala Keyring €6,95 EUR
Kangaroo Magnet €4,95 EUR
Gift Wrapping & Gift Boxes from €5,95 EUR
St Kilda Luna Park Tea Towels €7,95 EUR €13,95 EUR
Aussie Fly Swatter €5,95 EUR
Kangaroo Charm €6,95 EUR
Kangaroo Keyring €7,95 EUR
Gum Blossom Bouquet Greeting Card from €2,95 EUR €4,95 EUR