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Learn Aussie Slang

Aussie slang are words and expressions used by Australians. They sometimes funny and sometimes strange. 

Are you getting stuck with some of the slang words in "The Aussie Slang Magnet Pack"? Use the definitions below and examples to come up with some of your own true blue sayings.

Aussie Slang is a great way to discover and understand the Australian culture!  Don’t be fooled by the apparent laziness of our tendency to shorten words (brekkie, veggies...), Aussie slang comes from a long tradition of people wanting to be more informal, friendly and relaxed.

Discover a fair dinkum list of true blue Aussie lingo below!


Arvo - Afternoon 
Grab your swimmers, s’arvo we’re heading to the beach!

Barbie - Barbecue
I’m going to Jack’s barbie, it’s BYO (Bring your Own Wine)

Beaut! - Fantastic!
This idea is a beaut!

Bewdy - Great
I scored us some tickets to the game on Sunday.Bewdy, mate!

Crikey - Wow!
Crikey, that’s dangerous!

Deadset - 100% true
He’s a deadset legend in the bush.

Doovalacky - “a thingy”
Can you pass me the doovalacky next to the table?

Fair dinkum - The real deal, the truth, genuine
I’m a fair dinkum Aussie!

G’day - Hello
G’day, mate!

Good on ya - Well done
Good on ya mate, I knew you’d bring the brekkie!

Hooroo - Goodbye
The crowd was screaming Hooroo to the cricket player leaving the game.

Mad as a cut snake - Very angry, pretty crazy (would you want to meet a snake that has been cut?)
He is as mad as a cut snake today.

Mate - Friend
I'll give you mates rates.

No dramas - That’s okay, no problem
I think I parked my ute (utility vehicle) in your spotNo dramas!

No worries - No problem, Don’t worry about it, You’re welcome
Sorry for eating all the Tim Tams - No worries!

Rat Bag - an affectionate way to refer to a trouble maker or mischievous person
You rat bag you just ate all the lollies! 

Ripper - Fantastic!
That’s was a ripper pool party!
You little ripper! = that’s fantastic mate!

She’ll be right - Everything will be okay
No worries mate,she’ll be right.

Strewth - Phew!
Strewth, mate, you got us bloody scared!

True blue Genuinely Australian
Bits of Australia sells true blue Australian products

Tucker - Food 
He cooked some fair dinkum tucker for the Australia Day party.

Woop-Woop - A very isolated place, out of nowhere
He lives out Woop-Woop


Note for apprentice surfers

You want to look cool at your first surf lesson, and impress your instructor? Use these expressions, as ‘real’ surfers (those who stand up on their boards) are fluent in the lingo.

Tea bags - Swimmers who are in the surfers’ way
Look at those bloody tea bags!

Esky-lidders - Bodyboarders
No way I’m going to that beach, it’s full of esky-lidders!

Kooks - Bad surfers
There’s heaps of kooks out there!

Noahs - Sharks (also Noah’s arks)
A Noahs has been spotted this morning, stay safe mate.

The green room - the ultimate ride, when you are inside a tube
Today I was in the green room mate!