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Recycled Bicycle Wall Clock

$95.00 AUD

$95.00 AUD

Approximate weight including packaging 1.00kg


 This amazing wall clock has been handmade in Australia from recycled bicycle clogs. The clock is sure to impress and become the talking piece of any space, be it home or office. 

Don't fret the time is easy to tell since each rivet falls on a two hour interval - so you'll always know when it's time for a ride.

It measures 20cm in diameter. The movement is Quartz made in the USA. It takes one AA battery - which is not included. 

This clock has been scrubbed clean and polished but remember it's made from a recycled product so it will come with its own character and charm. Each clock may vary slightly due to the nature of using recycled bike parts

It measures 20 cm in diameter.
The movement is Quartz.
It takes one AA cell battery.

This clock is a brilliant gift for him, her or your home! It will bring joy to the cyclist, eco-minded, mamil or the hipster in your life.

Tread & Pedals Upcycling Studio create jewellery, interior wares and accessories using up-cycled bits. They love taking something like a punctured bike inner tube, cog or a wonky wheel and turning it into something quirky through crafting it and recycling it in an unexpected way.


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