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Blake Bilby

$33.95 AUD

$23.95 AUD

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The beautiful Bilby is a rare pouched mammal inhabiting isolated arid areas of Central Australia. It is a popular Australian animal and there is now a tradition to give a Bilby rather than a bunny in Australia at Easter due to its large rabbit like ears.

Blake the Bilby is made from non-allergic, fire-resistant wool and synthetic fur fabrics. He is an authentic Australian gift made in NSW, Australia.

The Bilby is an important part of traditional indigenous culture in the deserts of Central Australia. Sadly, through habitat loss and competition with introduced animals, the number of these small mammals has dramatically reduced over the last 100 years. As members of a group of ground-dwelling marsupials known as Bandicoots, Bilbies have long pointed snouts and compact bodies. Bilbies measure between 29 and 55cm in length and differ from other Bandicoots by their larger ears, long silky fur and longer tails.

Our Bilbies are available in 2 approximate sizes - 

  • Small 16cm
  • Medium 26cm

Recommended for children 3 years and over.

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