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Australia Map Souvenir Magnet

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A colourful souvenir magnet in the shape of Australia (just without Tasmania...sorry guys!).

An authentic souvenir from Australia as it has been made here and the Aboriginal artist Colin Jones receives royalties from the sale of the product for use of his tutrtle designs.

Colin Jones was born in 1947 in Ipswich, Queensland, and is of Kaladoon (Western Queensland) and Nunuckle (Stradbroke Island, Southern Queensland) tribal descent. Colin’s Aboriginal name is Ko-Ro, which means Brolga wings. As a young boy, Colin learned to paint from his grandfather. 

Besides painting, Colin teaches history and culture all over the world. He has taught at University of Honolulu and University of Hilo, Hawaii as well as Germany, France and England. He has also lectured at the UN. Currently, Colin helps troubled youths at Goori house, an addiction treatment centre in Queensland.