Aboriginal Boomerangs Hand Painted - Various Designs

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These colourful boomerangs have been hand painted by Warlukurlangu Aboriginal Artists making them unique decorative Australian gifts for corporate events or special presents for overseas occasions.

The wooden boomerangs were cut in Queensland and then hand painted by the talented Aboriginal artists at the community Aboriginal - owned art centres in Yuendumu and Nyirripi in the Northern Territory. 

Approximately 45cm long, 5cm wide (if standing 15cm high).

Here at Bits of Australia, we are so proud to be working with Warlukurlangu artists which is famous for their coloured paintings, decorations and other crafts. The art centres are in remote Central Australia and play a vital role in community life and provide a stronghold for the Warlpiri culture.

Each boomerang has been uniquely painted, and while boomerangs are traditionally known for being weapons and returning tools, these boomerangs are purely decorative. As the boomerangs have been individually hand crafted, no two will be exactly the same and they will each have their own unique textures, decorations and markings.

They make a unique Australian gift or souvenir while at the same time it is "ethical gift giving" because of the positive impact it has on the Aboriginal people and community projects it help funds -

Proceeds from the sale of these products directly go to the Warlukurlangu artists and their community.