Aboriginal Art - Flying Ant Dreaming 46cm x 30cm

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Authentic Indigenous Artwork from Central Australia with a certificate of authenticity and information about the artwork.

This 46cm x 30cm canvas is delivered rolled up for you to choose how and when to display it, and it would make a great gift for special occasions such as a wedding, anniversary or special birthday.

The painting is called Pampardi Jukurrpa (Flying Ant Dreaming) by Lance Jangala Turner. Lance is an artist with the Warlukurlangu art centre in Nyirripi, a remote Aboriginal community in Central Australia. Artistic talent runs in Lance's family, with his aunt Jeanie Napangardi Willis being a major Warlpiri artist. His wife also paints with the Warlukurlangu centre where Lance began working in 2018. This Flying Ant Dreaming was passed down to him by his father and the story has been passed down through generations for millennia. He uses traditional Warlpiri iconography such as concentric circles to represent the earth mounds built by flying ants at the site of Wapurtali.

Established in 1985 Warlukurlangu is a not-for-profit organisation that is 100% Aboriginal-owned by its artists from the remote desert communities of Yuendumu and Nyirripi in Central Australia. Warlukurlangu Artists is famous for its gloriously colourful acrylic paintings and limited edition prints. The art centre has a national and international profile and its art has been featured in hundreds of exhibitions and publications in Australia and around the world. 

Sale of this artwork directly benefits the artist and the Warlukurlangu Artist community. Every painting is accompanied by a signed and dated Certificate of Authenticity which tells the story relating to the painting and some information about the artist.