Strawberry Gum Leaves 4g

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Strawberry Gum leaves.

From the Strawberry Gum tree, Eucalyptus olida, found in New South Wales, these leaves have a flavour and aroma that is a combination of strawberry and passionfruit with a hint of eucalyptus. Sweet and slightly acidic like balsamic vinegar, there are also fruity undertones and a hint of cinnamon.

Also known as Forestberry, these leaves are chewed by Aboriginal people for their sweet berry flavour.

Use them to infuse flavour to dairy products. They are also perfect for desserts such as creme brulee, pavlova and panna cotta and they are fantastic with chocolate. They can also be used as a calming addition to fruit and herbal teas and are high in antioxidants.

This 100% Australian bush tucker ingredient can be paired with our other native bush foods to make a unique sampler gift for Christmas or other special occasion.

Sourced from a Queensland-based Indigenous woman led business. This Australian small business works sustainably with Aboriginal communities growing and harvesting bush tucker ingredients and promoting Australian natural foods.