The great Australian MAMIL epidemic!

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There's a new craze taking over the lives of many Australians; and it is so popular that an official term has been coined to describe those who have taken it up. 

The craze is cycling, and MAMIL (or Middle Aged Man In Lycra) is the official acronym associated with this epidemic that's sweeping over our husbands and partners - even the PM is into it!

Photo: SMH 

According to the Oxford Dictionary a MAMIL is "A middle-aged man who is a very keen road cyclist, typically one who rides an expensive bike and wears the type of clothing associated with professional cyclists: he spends his weekend mornings cycling with other MAMILs."

You've probably noticed them taking over your local coffee shop, early on a Saturday or Sunday morning? No they're not the scruffy looking bearded Hipsters, they're he guys wearing Lycra (but both have taken their hobby to the extreme!)

Once upon a time it was all about the flashy, fast red convertible, now it's the latest bicycle; redesigned and transformed using the latest technology, that is the pride and joy of the garage or man cave. Bicycles and bike accessory sales have soared and can cost over $10,000 - putting some of most the exclusive and expensive Louis Vuitton handbags to shame.

But it's not just the pricey bike that defines the life and times of a MAMIL, it's also about the Salt 'n' Pepa inspired (remember 'Push It' in 1988?) padded lycra bike shorts and skintight outfits in high-vis pink which now hang proudly as part of their wardrobe. And don't forget the special cycling shoes that make walking almost impossible.

While many of us will never understand the fascination (or see the fun) in pedal pushing for hundreds of kilometres (let's face it some of us were just not built for cardio!) we can't help but be 100% supportive of anything that keeps our men healthy and looking as fit as they do.

So it's lucky really that Bits of Australia now stocks a great range of bicycle inspired gifts including desk clocks, key rings and bottle openers that have been made from recycled bike parts - the perfect addition to the collection of MAMIL paraphernalia we are not allowed to touch!

Do you live with or know a MAMIL? Tell us about him or better still share a photo in all their MAMIL glory (via a private message on our Facebook page) and we'll create a Bits of Australia collage to share for Father's Day!

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