Raise Your Coffee Cup for International Coffee Day

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On September 29 coffee lovers across the globe celebrate International Coffee Day. It's an annual event which marks the long history of the beverage and is also used to promote fair trade coffee and raise awareness for the challenges coffee growers face today. Here are some great ways to celebrate Coffee Day and some fantastic gifts for coffee lovers!

International Coffee Day is the perfect occasion to really savour and appreciate your favourite coffee. Some businesses around the world actually offer free or discounted cups of coffee on this day so it's a good to keep an eye out leading up the day for coffee shops, cafes and bars near you that might be promoting these offers.

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Australian Coffee Cup Magnet


The History of Coffee

Coffee is a brewed beverage which is prepared using the roasted seeds of several species of plant of the genus Coffea. The properties of coffee beans are believed to have first been discovered in Ethiopia by a 9th century goat herder who noticed the stimulating effects of coffee berries (the beans are the pits found in the berries) on his goats and began experimenting.

Coffee drinking became popular in the Arab world from around the 15th century. It later spread across Asia, then to Italy and across Europe and to the Americas – and finally to your coffee cup.

Coffee is one of the most consumed drinks and one of the biggest crops in the world. This is one of the reasons why recently many groups and associations have begun educating us all about the importance of ethically grown coffee and supporting ethical trade.


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5 Fun Ways To Celebrate International Coffee Day & Beyond

1. Meet your friends at your favourite cafe

There's no better reason to start the day by meeting up with friends, family or colleagues at your favourite bar, coffee shop or cafe and indulge in your favourite coffee. Whether you are a short black, latte, or cappuccino drinker, just take a moment to enjoy the aroma and taste of your favourite beverage.

2. Have some fun with coffee trivia

Arrange some coffee trivia with friends and family. There are lots of fun facts about coffee online which you can use to create your own coffee quiz. Everyone will enjoy testing their knowledge and at the end one of you can be crowned the ultimate Coffee connoissuer!

3. Coffee tastings and classes

There are quite a few cafes, coffee houses, bars and coffee clubs that hold regular coffee tastings and brew classes. You can even organise your own coffee tasting event at home. All you need to do is source some good quality varieties of coffee for the occasion.

4. Coffee shop hopping

You have probably heard of pub crawls and bar hopping, well you can also go coffee shop hopping! The great thing about it is you won't get drunk. You may however end up with a caffeine buzz so if you and your friends decide to visit quite a few coffee shops, it might be best to order decaf at the last couple of stops!

5. Give your fellow coffee lovers a coffee-inspired gift

Why not give your coffee-loving friends a fun coffee accessory or gift? We have a range of playful coffee-inspired Bits which are ideal for anyone with a serious passion for the popular caffeinated beverage.

The serious coffee connoisseur who spends hours creating the perfect espresso or cappuccino will love this handmade Australian Red Gum coffee tamper.


Red gum coffee tamper

Pop your cuppa on one of these charming wooden coasters and enjoy your coffee in style! This set of four Australian Made coasters features a quirky coffee and tea theme engraved into sustainably sourced hardwood marine ply.  These items are designed and made by Manual Arts DEpt. in their studio in Tenterfield, New South Wales, using a combination of technology-driven and handcrafting techniques.

coffee and tea coasters

You will find all of these beautiful gifts and more Australian-made Bits in our vibrant online store at bitsofaustralia.com.au.