Spotlight on Sydney - Australia's most exciting city

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Sydney is one of Australia's most popular tourist destinations and there are plenty of good reasons why. The stunning setting of Sydney Harbour is home to two of the most photographed landmarks in the world -  the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and the easily recognisable Sydney Opera House.

But Sydney has so many more exciting attractions and experiences to offer visitors. There are more than 100 beaches and wonderful coastal walks that meander along beautiful stretches of shoreline. The Bondi to Coogee Coastal walk promises walkers spectacular views of the city and beyond. There is a plethora of festivals to get involved in all year round, an abundance of parks and gardens surrounding the CBD and no end of excellent eateries and fabulous shopping hotspots!

Sydney Harbour
Unfortunately, not all of us are lucky enough to be able to visit Sydney as often as we'd like so we have selected our top selling Sydney-inspired gifts and pieces made by Sydney artisans - that way you can take a Bit of Sydney with you where ever you go!

Gifts inspired by the Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is the world's largest (yet not the longest) steel arch bridge and is referred to by Sydneysiders as the 'Coathanger' because of its arch-based design. The bridge has inspired several of our Australian made gifts such as this actual coathanger from Oddball which makes a seriously quirky yet highly practical souvenir. It happens to be our top selling gift!
Sydney coathanger
You will also find the Sydney Harbour Bridge featured on many of our other Bits including bags, scarves, magnets, greeting cards, posters and even cushion covers.
Sydney harbour scarf and anything bag
The stylish scarf and anything bag featured above match perfectly with the Bridge Tote .

All of these beautiful Harbour Bridge inspired accessories have been made by the Sydney Textile Company a young start up located in Sydney. 

The Sydney skyline

Sydney’s skyline is often the first glimpse tourists get of the glittering Sydney City.

The interesting mix of architectural styles found in Sydney gives its skyline quite a distinctive look. The Art Deco style of the Apartments in contrast with the bold Romanesque style of the Queen Victoria Building is a very intriguing mesh of different periods set in one skyline.

The Sydney ‘City Polka Dots' design plays on the current trend of polka dots while playfully twisting the Sydney city skyline in each dot and alternating two beautiful hues with the classic indigo blue and the watery teal we can see in the beach shallows on a sunny day.

Sydney polka dot scarf

The 'Burbs'

Some of the most exciting cultural events, foodie hangouts and relaxing beaches are located in Sydney's outer suburban hotspots. From the seaside suburb Manly to the Market mecca Paddington, the 'burbs' as Aussies like to call them offer travellers an insight into the cosmopolitan and contemporary, yet lay-back lifestyle of the friendly locals.  This colourful print is inspired by the famous Andy Warhol artwork but if you look closely it features the names of well-known Sydney suburbs such as Vaucluse and Double Bay. This poster is by Australian artist Milana Wallace and makes a lovely Aussie Gift for expats or Australian visitors.

Sydney Suburbs Print

 A different view of Sydney every month of the year

One of the best ways to remember Sydney is to have a 2016 Sydney Calendar. The high quality photographic images feature beautiful scenery and iconic landmarks in Sydney and the surrounds. They are a great way to remember your Australian travels or inspire your friends to visit one of the most exciting cities on earth.

 Sydney city calendar Above and beyond Sydney calendar

 You will find lots more Sydney souvenirs and Australian made gifts online at