Celebrate Bastille Day with our French-Inspired Gifts

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Bastille Day is the French national holiday and a day to celebrate French culture. It commemorates the storming of the Bastille (a prison and symbol of the power of Louis the 16th's Ancient Regime), which took place on 14 July, 1789 and marked the beginning of the French Revolution.

At Bits of Australia we love celebrating French culture and try to speak French, but badly! Here is a selection of our French-Inspired gifts that have been Made in Australia. They are perfect for those of us who long to visit France or can't wait to go back there for another visit!

Parisian Kitchen Accessories

Why not throw a party in celebration of Bastille day on 14 July? From baking some delicious French pastries to hosting your own French degustation there are so many ways you can get into the spirit of the French holiday. With these gorgeous kitchen accessories you can be a Parisian-style hostess with the mostest!

French red apron

Look your best when creating your French feast with this stylish Paris Hostess apron from Annabel Trends.

This fresh and vibrant design is made from easy to wash cotton and matches perfectly with the red Paris print oven mit featured below. When you purchase these two contemporary kitchen accessories you will receive 10% off the total price!

Paris red oven mit


Gifts with a French touch

Why not surprise your guests on Bastille Day or your friends with a passion for 'la France' with some Australian made French-inspired gifts?

These playful and fun cosmetic bags let you take a litte piece of Paris with you wherever you go. They are ideal for keeping your valuables, jewellery and all of your beauty needs safe and looking great.

The chic accessories from Annabel trends are great travel companions but are also suitable for everyday use and make a great gift for those of us who love gifts with a touch of France. 

Black paris cosmetic bag

red Paris cosmetic bag


Australian creations, French traditions

These gently fragranced wrapped soaps from Essense are made by artisans specialising in the old techniques of French style triple milled vegetable soap bars. The process produces soap that is completely uniform and smooth and is longer lasting than other types of soap. There are a range of luxurious fragrances to choose from including: Australian Bottlebrush, Australian Gumnuts, Jacaranda, Rose, Pear & Ginger, Moroccan Mango Lime & Mint, and Vanilla & Sandalwood.

Pear & Ginger soap 


French Bulldog Accessories

Dog lovers and fans of all things French will love the amazing French Bulldog accessories such as this hand made tapestry cosmetic bags from Annabel trends which has been woven in France by Art de Lys & Made in Australia.

This little French Bulldog is happiest checking out fashion in the street and catching up on gossip at the local cafe. He's loyal, charming and witty and feels naked without his dashing red bandana. Originally a hand drawn illustration, his considerable charms are captured on the French Bulldog brooch and pendant.



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