10 Reasons You Should Buy Handmade Gifts

  • 2 min read

You can really make a difference in the world by buying handmade products and there are benefits for you the consumer too! Here are our top 10 reasons to buy handmade gifts:

1. The quality of handmade pieces is usually higher than mass-produced gifts.

2. No two handmade products are the same. This means that each piece is unique and the owner has the only one like it.

3. The artisans who make handmade gifts devote an incredible amount of time, skill and effort to designing and creating each product.All the little touches they add to make each item, makes each and every piece a work of art. 

 One of Bits of Australia's artisan makers, Carol, at work in the Manual Arts DEpt. Studios


 4. It is becoming quite common for the makers of handmade products to provide more information about the production process and where the materials they use to create the products are sourced.

As buyers, we can feel confident that we know how the products we buy are being produced and that we have the chance to support our local community.

5. The production process and work conditions for artisans, especially in Australia, are usually more ethical.

6. The production processes used to create handmade products are usually more environmentally sustainable than those used in mass production.

For example, our gorgeous range of Eco beads jewellery, is made from Tasmanian specialty timber offcuts including Huon Pine, Myrtle, Eucalyptus, Blackwood and Sassafras offcuts that have been collected by craftspeople and artisans and transformed into individual beautiful beads.  

Orange and blue eco beads bracelet

7. Handmade gifts are often made by highly talented artisans who possess valuable skills. In many parts of the world these skills are in danger of being lost because of mass production.

When you buy gifts made by artisans you provide financial support that makes it possible for their work to continue and thrive.

8. When you buy a handmade product you are also supporting the traditions and crafts used to make those pieces.

9. The traditions and crafts used to make handmade products are often a way of keeping the culture and history of a people alive.

Our Native Botanical Body Wash is handmade by Indigiearth, an indigenous owned and operated company based in Central West NSW. This product is part of the luxurious skin care range, made with pure and natural Australian ingredients such as Kakadu plum, emu oil, lemon myrtle, wild berry and other delicious native flowers, fruits and fragrances.

indigiearth body wash

10. Handmade gifts are made with love.

The artisans love their craft and their culture and want to share this with the rest of us. When you buy a handmade gift and then give it to someone you care about, you are sharing that love!

To find more wonderful handmade products which have been created by Australian artisans visit our vibrant online store at bitsofaustralia.com.au.