Chinese New Year 2016 & Chinese Gift Giving Etiquette

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新年好 / 新年好

If you would like to send business associates, family and friends an Australian gift for Chinese New Year you will find loads of delightful Australian made gifts here at In this blog you will find just a small collection!

The Chinese New Year 2016 commences on Monday 8 February. The date of the Chinese New Year changes from year to year as it begins with the first new moon of the Lunar New Year and ends on the full moon of the lunar calendar, 15 days later. 

Chinese New Year is also known as Spring Festival, it is the biggest and most important festival for Chinese people. It is a time for families to get together and celebrate with extravagant feasts. 

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Chinese New Year Gift Ideas

There are some basic considerations when choosing and giving a gift at Chinese New Year. Here are our top tips to for selecting gifts for Chinese New Year:

      Red Kangaroo Australian Made Soft Toy1. Gifts of your own cultural significance or regional specialties of minor value are considered very suitable gifts. If you are sending a gift to a friend or business associate in China an Australian made souvenir is likely to go down well.



      Red Australian Made Cufflinks for Chinese New Year2. The main colour of Chinese New Year is red as it is believed to be an auspicious colour which drives away bad luck.  Our Red Origami Cufflinks are Australian Made and come in a small gift box and they make a lovely gift for clients and business associates

      3. The colour of the gift and the wrapping paper or bag is important. Red, pink, yellow and gold are good colours as they symbolise luck, happiness, prosperity & wealth, and white, black and blue are taboo colours (as they are associated with funerals and death). At Bits of Australia we offer a gift wrapping service for $4. Brown kraft paper is used and we have plenty of red ribbon available!

       4. It is a Chinese custom to refuse a gift three times before it is accepted.   You should continue to insist that they accept the gift.

       5. It is customary to give the gift to the recipient with two hands.

      6. Gifts in sets of six or eig8 banksia coasters unique Australian gifts for Chinese New Yearht are great for Chinese New Year as six represents good luck and eight represents prosperity.

      We deliver gifts worldwide and offer free delivery within Australian on orders over $50!




      Chinese New Year Celebrations in Australia

      There are numerous events held by the Chinese-Australian community around Australia to celebrate the arrival of Chinese New Year.

      Festivals showcase performances, stalls lots of lion and dragon dances and loads of fire crackers at locations all over Australia. To find out whats happening in a city near you visit or

      Chinese New Year is a national holiday in China so most Chinese will be off work during some of this period . The Government offices, schools, and many companies will be closed, however, some organisations such as banks arrange for their employees to be on shift duty.

      Chinese New Year is not a national public holiday in Australia but some Chinese businesses may be closed on the day or change their business hours in order to partake in the Lunar New Year celebrations. Some streets may be closed in towns or cities where Chinese New Year festivities are being held.