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Single Origin Australian Grown Byron Blue Coffee 250gm

A great gift for coffee lovers to try something new. This is a speciality single origin coffee that has been grown in Australia in the Byron Bay hinterland in the rich, volcanic soil that the area is renowned for. Over 45,000 coffee trees grow on 165 acres that receives over 2000mm of annual rainfall. The altitude and the climate in the area are very similar to that of Hawaii, which creates optimal growing conditions for coffee.

Clean and very smooth with a marshmallow sweetness and rich dark chocolate and floral finish. 

The unique Australian Grown coffee is available in Espresso or Filter / Plunger grind.

This is an all Australian product with every stage of production from seedling to trees to harvesting, processing, roasting, grounding, packaging and finally retailing taking place in Australia.

We source this from a speciality coffee maker in Byron Bay who select the highest quality beans locally and roast them to perfection at their certified organic roastery.

Coffee has been grown in Australia for nearly 200 years but it was in the 1880's that it really began to flourish, winning medals in Europe.