Australian Gardeners Soap Scrubber

Gift Wrap Options

The Australian Gardeners Range is proudly Australian made and has all the essentials for looking after hands that have been working hard outdoors.

The hand soap contains tea tree oil and lanolin – great for moisturising rough, chapped, sore hands. It also contains antiseptic oil to ensure all the grime and dirt from the garden is gone.

In addition the soap Scrubber is a great way to clean dirty hands fast! Hang the bag on an outdoor tap and scrub away.  The coarse material, antiseptic tea tree oil and lanolin soap will remove stubborn dirt and plant stains easily.

It's what every Australian gardener needs! It makes a lovely gift for parents and grandparents at Christmas. Match it with some bushland print gardening gloves  and the Australian Gardeners Balm for a unique gift package.



Gift Wrapping Options

We have two gift service options to choose from

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If you are giving more than 1 item to the same person and don't want them to be wrapped individually please select the "build your own gift box" option.

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