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Small Notepad Artist Betty Mpetyane

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These small notepads with their original indigenous designs marked on each page as well as the cover are easy to carry and very handy to have with you to jot down your ideas, notes, shopping lists etc. 

Featuring artwork from Central Australia, they make unique Australian gifts for friends and family. So light, they also make a great Australian souvenir!

This notepad has artwork titled 'My Mother's Story' by Betty Mpetyane. Betty Mpetyane learned the ceremonies and songs growing up on the Utopia homelands. Her family are well established in the Aboriginal art field, and Betty rose to prominence in the years after her mother passed away in 2006, carrying the Awelye story forward.

Designed and printed in Australia by Utopia.

Size: 15cm x 9cm

Royalties from this product go back to the artist and community.