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Native Flower Gifts

We are very lucky in Australia to have an abundance of native flowers. The beauty and diversity of the wild flowers inspire artists, designers, and gardeners and that means we have lots of great Australian native flower gift ideas!

The native plants of Australia are the most diverse and varied in the world, with an amazing 24,000 species of native plants identified. This is thanks to the different environments of the lush tropical rainforests, harsh stony deserts, alpine meadows and sandy heathlands. 

Australia's national floral emblem is the golden wattle (Acacia pycnantha Benth). When it is in flower, this spectacular plant displays our national colours -  green and gold. The Golden Wattle can be found all over Australia and when you walk down suburban streets it is common to see pops of bright gold in gardens in late Winter and Spring. We have lots of Australian made gifts inspired by the wattle including the beautiful wattle necklace  and matching earrings. There are also cufflinks, greeting cards and tea towels featuring wattle designs.

We also have a number of products featuring the different States floral emblems. The Kangaroo Paw (Western Australia) and The Desert Pea (South Australia) are on our lovely magnet cards  and the Waratah (New South Wales) is one of our favourite Australian flowers at Bits of Australia. It is featured in our branding and in the designs of many of our Australian made gifts including the waratah pendant & chain.

The Australian bottlebrush is very popular and featured in the lovely Australian Native Flower Magnet gift pack.

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Gift Wrap Explained

We love making your Australian gift look extra special so why not save time and let us wrap your gift for you.

Two Options Available - 

1) Individual product gift wrapping - on the product page select gift wrapping when you add an item to your cart. You can then add your gift message which will be printed on a gift tag. If you later decide to make changes to the products being gift wrapped, delete the product from your shopping cart.


2) Build your own gift box - Add the products to your shopping cart that you would like to include in your Australian gift box and then add the "Create Your Own Gift Package" product to your cart. Just select the number of items that are to be included in each gift box when adding this to your cart. You can have 2 to 24 items packaged together - we will select the best size gift box or boxes to fit your items. There is space to include the gift message and also any instructions for the gift box, e.g. if you are building multiple boxes with different products or purchasing other products you don't want included in the gift box.

Not sure which approach is right for you? Just call us on 02 9818 2250 and we will be happy to help!

Gift Service Materials

We use lovely thick kraft paper and a mixture of quality thick ribbons and natural jute string for the tag and your gift wrapped products.

For the gift boxes we use Australian Made matt black one piece gift boxes in various sizes decorated with quality thick ribbons and natural jute string. 

Colour options available are -