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Roasted Macadamias with Bush Tomato

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A premium roasted macadamia nut range with authentic flavours of Australia. The Australian macadamias are roasted and infused with the gourmet savoury ingredient of Bush Tomato.

The roasted nuts are in a 100g gift box and are perfect for sharing at an event with international visitors or taking overseas as an Australian souvenir or gift for family and friends.

The Australian native Bush Tomato is part of the potato, capsicum and tomato family and has  been used by Indigenous Australians for thousands of years for food and other uses. There are a number of species but not all are edible. Bush Tomato is collected as bush tucker by Aboriginal peoples.

Allergens: refer to the packaging for full information. In general products contain tree nuts, peanuts, milk, soy, wheat and gluten.

Patons Macadamia was founded in 1975 on a small farm in New South Wales and they have steadily grown to having the largest range of chocolate covered macadamia confectionery in the world. They are inspired by the culture and the flavours of Australia and continue to be an Australian owned company that sources quality Australian produce and proudly makes the products locally in Melbourne, Victoria.

Did you know that macadamias are native to Australia and that they have been eaten here for thousands of years? They are perfect for travel gifting and we have a wide range available so you can give beautiful Australian food gifts to friends, family and business colleagues.