Guide to Buying Australian Souvenirs

  • 2 min read

At tourist souvenir gift shops around the country most products are cheap in quality, incredibly overpriced and not even Australian made. It's this experience that led to the creation of the Bits of Australia online store!

Traditional souvenirs like koala soft toys are still popular, but as a traveller it's also good to take unique items home from the trip. That's why we cater for all kinds of travellers and Australia-lovers, with a mix of traditional Australiana souvenirs, contemporary designs, authentic Aboriginal art inspired gifts, and even some exclusive Bits made by us! 


Traditional Australiana:

Australia has some of the world's most beautiful and unique attractions, so it's no surprise that tourists and visitors want to take a little piece home with them. Shop our range of 700+ Australiana souvenirslike this Sydney Harbour Bridge coat hanger and cuddly Koala soft toy:


Contemporary Australia:

Add a little bit of modern-day Australia to your home or outfit with our trendy homewares and accessories like the silver Wattle pendant necklace pictured below. Created by some of our talented contemporary artists and designers, each product takes inspiration from Australia's flora and fauna, and make great gifts for any occasions.


Aboriginal Art:

Celebrate Australia's Indigenous culture with Aboriginal art homewares, fashion accessories and jewellery. Each product comes with information about the artwork and  royalties are paid directly to support the artist and their community. Add a mini artwork to your coffee table with  colourful Aboriginal art drink coastersor keep toes warm in these bright Aboriginal art socks:


Bits of Australia Originals:

Our exclusive Bits of Australia souvenir range features original illustrations of popular Australian animals and icons like the red-back spider, kangaroo and the bottlebrush flower. Shop this contemporary and fun collection which includes lots of great stationery like this crocodile magnet


Whether you need a keepsake from a trip down-under, a gift for homesick friends or family living overseas or simply want to treat yourself - we've got over 1,000 beautiful products to choose from, all designed and made right here in Australia - SHOP NOW.