Best of Australiana

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Holiday souvenirs should be incorporated into everyday life as a way to keep the memories and the experience close. So, we've spent many hours, carefully selecting a range of Australian made products that not only reflect our unique attractions and culture, but are also modern and useful. 

The term 'Australiana' refers to anything that's uniquely of Australian origin. These include famous attractions like the Sydney Opera House, animals like the kangaroo, native flowers like the Waratah, Aboriginal artworks, slang words like G'Day and food like Tim Tams!


See some of our best Bits below and shop our huge range of boutique Australiana products online now.

Attractions:from Uluru-Kata Tjuta in the heart of the Australian desert to vibrant Bondi Beach on the coast, stretched across our beautiful country are some of the world's most remarkable natural AND man made attractions. Shop for Sydney and Melbourne inspired gifts like this Sydney Harbour Bridge coat hanger or Melbourne tram notebook, and lots of other attractions from all around Oz:


Animals (Fauna): dangerous and creepy crawly to cute and cuddly, Australia's unique wildlife is both beautiful and fascinating. We have some of the most world's deadliest animals including venomous snakes, spiders and killer sharks, and some endangered species like the Northern Hairy Nosed Wombat and Tasmanian Devil. Shop our Aussie animal inspired products like our red back spider soap or koala heat pack plus more Australian animal inspired gifts:


Flowers & Plants (Flora): from the tropical rainforests of Northern Queensland to the country outback, Australian has thousands of unique flower and trees species that can't be found anywhere else. Pick up some of our native flower inspired homewares like these blooms drink coasters or lather yourself with our natural Eucalyptus skincare range, and many more Australian made gifts inspired by nature:


Aboriginal Art:one of of the world's oldest unbroken tradition of art in the world, Aboriginal art can be traced back thousands of years and has been found on ancient wood and rock carvings around the country. Many artworks tell stories of the Dreamtime, when the land was inhabited by ancestral figures. Take a piece of Indigenous culture home with you, choose from calendars and bags like the ones below, or jewellery, homewares and even socks too:


Language:G'day mate is one of the most Aussie things anyone can say, but did you know there are dozens more slang words that originated and are commonly used only here in Australia? Add words like Strewth, Crikey and Fair Dinkum to your vocabulary and get the conversation started with our Aussie slang BBQ apron and set of 40 magnets, or a range of fun tea towels:


Food:we're not talking about witchetty grubs, although we hear they're pretty tasty... Australia has created and shared about 40 unique and now popular foods and snacks including Anzac biscuits, Weet-Bix, Ice Vo Vo's, Pavlova, Cherry Ripe, Fairy Bread, Vanilla Slice and Fantales to name a few! Check out our food inspired gifts like this Vegemite inspired tea towel and Lamington magnet:



With 700+ unique Australiana gifts and souvenirs to choose from, you'll never forget those Bits of Australia that you love the best!

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