Australiana - What It Is & What's True Blue

  • 1 min read

Have you ever heard of the term, Australiana? It refers to all the people, animals, places, flora, and doovalackies of Australian origin. Anything that is linked to Australian culture, or society, geography and ecology would fall under the term Australiana. Yeah, that pretty much covers everything, doesn't it?

So what are we talking about exactly?

Today it refers to an art and gift trend that depicts Australian style. Th trend was very popular in the 80's thanks to the artwork, fashion and giftware of Ken Done then there was a bit of a dip in popularity in the 90's. Today there is a refreshing new way of reinterpreting all things Australian iconography like koalas, bush tucker and fairy bread.

Have you seen a kangaroo gone wild on a bike? A koala eating Vegemite? Aussie slang to stick on your fridge? The vivid colours and the Aussie humour makes it all are very relaxed and playful.

An important question is - are Australiana items Australian Made or handcrafted in Australia? Here at Bits of Australia - YES.

But unfortunately, not all Australiana items you find on the web on in souvenir and museum shops are made in Australia, which defies the purpose don't you think? So the best thing to do is to shop with us so you can be sure you really are getting unique and authentic aussie gifts!

At Bits of Australia, we've collected beautiful, quirky and creative Australian gifts that are designed and made right here on our big and beautiful island. 

Do you have what it takes to celebrate being Australian? Discover our range of Australiana gifts and souvenirs, and take bits of Aussie humour and craziness on your next trip overseas!