Australian wombat inspired gifts

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The Wombat is yet another cute and loveable Aussie animal. We all love their  funny little waddle and gorgeous furry faces -  so we're always on the lookout for lots of wombat inspired gifts and souvenirs to share with the world!

Wombats are fat, furry, happy creatures that can be found across south-eastern Australia, Tasmania and some parts of central Queensland. A close relative of the Koala, there are two main Wombat species - the common wombat and the hairy-nosed wombat, just like you can see with our two gorgeous wombat soft toys: 


In the wild, wombats are nocturnal and only come out at night to feed on grasses, bark and roots. They have strong feet and long claws to help them dig large systems of underground tunnels where they spend most of their day.

Australian Wombat's can grow up to 1 meter in length and weigh between 20 - 35 kilos. While they're best known for their slow waddle, they can actually run up to 25km an hour.

In captivity, wombats love getting cuddles and tummy scratches, but no in the wild! You too can cuddle up to our wombat heat pack or simply add this beautiful wombat printed tea towel to your kitchen or dinner table: 


Patrick from the Ballarat Wildlife Park is the oldest living wombat - celebrating his 31st birthday earlier this year. Other well-known wombats include 'Fatso' from the 80's television show A Country Practiceand the main character in the popular kids book Wombat Stew.

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