Why is Australian wool so good ?

  • 2 min read

This week we are celebrating Wool Week with great joy as wool is probably one of Australia’s most iconic industries. Learn a few fun facts about this great material!

It's good for the planet. First because this is a 100% natural material, not man-made. So this means that once the wool fibres are disposed in the soil, it only takes a very short time to break down, as opposed to synthetics that are very slow to degrade.

Wool doesn't need lots of dye or chemicals to get vibrant colours, as wool is highly absorbent and retains liquids easily. Your skin will thank you later.

It is a renewable material, because every year sheep produce a new fleece. Pretty convenient, isn't it? And because sheep are consuming the organic carbon stored in plants, it has been shown that 50% of the weight of wool is pure organic carbon.

Wool products last forever, they can be used or worn longer than other textile fibre products. Did you know that wool fibres are able to be bent back on themselves over 20,000 times without breaking?

You can wear them all-year long? You probably already know that wool is highly breathable. But do you know why? Wool fibres are crimped, and when tightly packed together, they form millions of tiny pockets of air. It allows it to absorb up to 30 per cent of its own weight of moisture vapour! This is why it allows your skin to breathe in any weather conditions, and also why you feel so comfortable in it. 

Wool is also a great natural insulator. Thanks to its hygroscopic abilities, wool constantly reacts to changes in body temperature, maintaining the perfect temperature in both cold and warm weather.

And in case you were wondering - it is also odour resistant. Wool is far more efficient than other textiles at absorbing sweat and releasing it into the air, before bacteria has a chance to develop and produce unpleasant body odour.

It is easy to take care of. The protective natural waxy coating on wool fibres makes wool products resistant to staining (yay!) and they also pick up less dust as wool is naturally anti-static.

Recent innovations allow some wool items to no longer need hand-washing only. Many wool products can now be machine-washed and tumble dried. And because they can be washedless frequently and at lower temperatures, it has a lower impact on the environment. Always follow care instructions to get the most use out of your products!

It is safe. Did you know that wool is a natural flame-retardant? Wool will not melt and stick to the skin causing burns like many other fibres, this is why it can be a good material for children's soft toys.

Wool is not known to cause allergies, and does not promote the growth of bacteria. It can even reduce floating dust in the atmosphere!

So why do we sometimes feel itchy when wearing wool? First reason is the quality of wool of your item. Wool from the fine wool breeds, such as Merino, have fine enough fibres that they won't upset those sensitive to coarser wool. A second reason is the fact that the more the fibre is processed, the scratchier it will feel on your skin. 

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