Aboriginal Design Scarves

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Aboriginal Design Scarves

Shop our latest range of beautiful Australian made scarves, featuring designs inspired by popular Aboriginal artworks. Each scarf tells a unique story and royalties from the sale of each product directly benefit the individual artist and their community. 

Aboriginal art is based on ancient stories and is filled with symbols of ‘the Dreamtime’ period, which represents the creation of the world. These stories are over 50,000 years old and have been passed through many generations verbally and visually on rock art and bark paintings. 

For example the artwork depicted on the limited edition silk scarf below is called Yanjirlpirri or Napaljarri-Warnu Jukurrapa - Star or Seven Sisters Dreaming which tells the story of the seven ancestral Napaljarri sisters who are found in the night sky.


All of our scarves are great souvenirs and gifts, but they're also a unique fashion accessory that guarantee to turn heads and start conversations. Each product comes with information about the artist, the artwork and dreamtime story so you can share a piece of Aboriginal culture with anyone who asks! 

Woollen Scarves:

Suitable for men and women alike, these Australian Made merino wool scarves feature designs by popular artists Pauline Gallagher, and Paddy Stewart from the Warlukurlangu Artists Aboriginal Corporation in Yuendumu, located 290 km north-west of Alice Springs.


Silk Scarves:

Perfect for the coming warmer months, these 100% silk women's scarvesfeature bright and bold earthy designs from artists like Ottos Sims and Murdie Morris. Each scarf measures 54cm x 180cm and can be dressed up or down with jeans or to brighten up a dark outfit or suit.  


Summer Brights:

If you adore bright colours as much as we do, then you'll love this silk scarffeaturing pops of pink, blue and yellow and is based on on Aboriginal artwork by Saraeva Marshall.  Saraeva has been painting from an early age with her mother and grandmother, learning about the ancestral women who travelled, danced and performed ceremonies - creating the country as they travelled. 

Bush Tucker:

This subtle and luxurious silk scarf is based on an artwork by Susan Peter called Bush Tomatoes - a plant that grows in the sandy country around Wolfe Creek Crater. Susan proudly paints the bush tucker and bush medicines that she loves to collect, and whose purposes were taught to her by her family. 


Perfect for christmas, birthday and anniversary gifts or just a treat for yourself - some of our bright collection of Aboriginal design scarves are limited edition, so get in fast before they sell out and get yourself a quality fashion accessory and a unique piece of Australia's rich history and culture. SHOP NOW.


Gift Wrapping Options

We have two gift service options to choose from

1) Individual product gift wrapping - add the products to your shopping cart that you would like to have gift wrapped and then go to this gift wrap page. Each item is individually gift wrapped for $4.50 with a gift message printed on a gift tag. 


2) Build your own gift box - Add the products to your shopping cart that you would like to include in your gift box and then go to "Create Your Own Gift Package" page to customise the gift box information. 

If you are giving more than 1 item to the same person and don't want them to be wrapped individually please select the "build your own gift box" option.

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