Togs, Swimmers, Cossie or Bathers?

  • 1 min read

Not all Aussie slang words are not all created equal...

Leading up to Australia Day we've been brushing up on our Aussie slang and understanding how and why slang words are created. In doing our research, we came across some interesting survey results, released as part of the Linguistics Roadshow.

It appears that the particular Aussie slang words you use will vary and depend greatly on the State and location you live or grew up in!

For example, the survey showed that in Western Australia the word 'bathers' is most often used to refer to swimwear, while in New South Wales 'swimmers' or 'cossie' are used and Queenslanders get around in their 'togs'. 

What will you be wearing this Australia Day - togs, swimmers, a cossie or bathers?

You can take the survey for yourself and see all the results here, or browse our range of fun Aussie slang gifts and merchandise like this 40 mini magnet set: