Top 10 Australian Souvenirs

  • 1 min read

Buying souvenirs is just as much part of a holiday as where you stay, eat and visit. Taking home a little piece of a far off location, or a new place you've visited, is the perfect way to remember the things you saw and the great time you had.

But, do you ever stop to check if the souvenir is actually made in the same city or even country your visiting? Chances are it's made cheaply overseas and sold at a premium price in busy tourist locations where there is a high demand and interest for this merchandise. 

Bits of Australia stocks a collection of more than 1,200 souvenirs, and while we don't have a physical shop to browse through - being an online retailer means we can deliver absolutely anywhere in Australia or the world, so you can avoid crowded tourist shops and make sure you get authentic Australian made products!

Here are out top 10 Australian souvenirs and gifts for 2016:

 1. Sydney Harbour Bridge Coat Hanger

2. Aussie Slang Tea Towels


3. Australian Animals Cookie Cutters or Toast Stamps


4. Australian Red River Gum or Platypus Gum Wooden Pen


5. Melbourne or Sydney Cotton Shopping Bag


6. Red Back Soap for men

7. Keelah Koala Soft Toy - available in 3 sizes

8. Banksia Bottle Stop or Coaster Set


9. Kangaroo Island Eucalyptus Hand Cream or Body Lotion 


10. Aboriginal Art Wine or Water Bottle Cooler/ Holders