History of the Advent Calendar

  • 1 min read

The word ‘advent’ means the expected arrival of an important person or event. The Advent calendar is a special countdown and celebration of the days leading up to Christmas.

The origin of the Advent calendar, like many of our modern day Christmas traditions, started in Germany more than 150 years ago in the 19th century. Some accounts we have read say that the Lutherans used to mark the days in chalk, while others would light candles or hang a different picture on the wall each day.

Today, modern-day Advent calendars normally consist of 24 or 25 windows that are opened day by day to reveal an image, message or a small treat like a toy or chocolate. The Advent calendar begins on December 1 and counts down to Christmas Eve or Day. 

Our Australian Advent calendar magnet set from Mokoh Design gives this much loved tradition a modern Aussie twist and features illustrations of all your favourite Australian animals and flowers on each square. Designed and printed in Western Australia, the 25 magnets can be proudly displayed on your fridge for the whole family to enjoy.

We can’t wait to start counting down here in the Bits of Australia office! We have even come up with some fun games and challenges for the team to perform as we remove each magnet - jump like a kangaroo to the photocopier, sing like a magpie every time the phone rings... (you get the picture!)

Order your Advent calendar today to ensure delivery before December 1 and join us on this fun 2015 Aussie Christmas countdown!