Top Australian kids gifts to send overseas

  • 1 min read

We all know that the best gift you can give a child is time, and fun doesn't have to cost a lot. But if the kids live overseas this can be tricky, and buying a Christmas or a birthday gift is something you still need to think about.

Choosing a children's gift that will be cherished and enjoyed, not left discarded in the bottom of the toy box can be challenging. So, skip the latest kids trend or fad and choose a unique Australian made gift from Bits of Australia this year!

Christmas is a magical time for children, especially for the little ones - help nurture their imagination and creativity with our great range of colouring books and cards:



Soft toys from the land down-under are a great way to learn about Australia's unique wildlife, plus they're cute and cuddly too - no child can resist these furry little guys:

Add an element of fun to the everyday, with our great Australian toast stamps, cookie cutters and our funny Koala nose - for those kids who like to dress up:

What's really great about all these fun and memorable gift ideas is that they are all priced under $25 each - because buying good quality Australian made gifts doesn't need to be expensive.

They're also soft and unbreakable - making them perfect for sending overseas. Make sure you read our top tips for sending packages overseas this Christmas and if you're busy, so let us take care of the wrapping for just $4 and International postage - basic air mail is just $15 and tracked is $25!